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    Thank you for taking the time to visit a website that cares about the well being of the community. Here at Best Friends we believe that everyone needs a friend that will understand and care. Many of us today are either suffering with a disorder or a special need that requires someone to understand. Our Heavenly Father (Lord God Jehovah) always provides us with every thing that we need throughout this lifetime.

                                             What are your hobbies?

At BFAAC we have crafts/arts and or learning materials available daily for our clients.  Our very own Activity Director, Gloria Means always has something exciting happening from day to day. 

                                               I have special needs?

Here at BFACC, we have certified LVN's, RN, and Dietitians that are ready to service the skilled nursing needs of our clients. In addition, all  of our staff at our facility are CPR and First Aid certified ready to assist also with the care of our clinets. 


Many of our clients don't drive or are unable to, we offer transportation to and from BFAAC.  We also provide transportation to or from doctor's visits within the Longview area.

 Please feel free to contact us about any other questions or concerns that you may have regarding BFAAC.