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 One day we will all need that special person in our lives to provide assistance to our protential presenting needs. We were established to provide services to those that feel as if life has pushed them into a corner and left them there. So many of us today, feel as if life has dealt them a bad hand and there isn't hope.  So why not be a part of a family that was established to handle those needs.  Best Friends Adult Activity Center does not  discriminate against national origin, sex age, disability, religion, or political belief.

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Take a look around your community and see all the help that is needed. In everyone's neighborhood there must be a place other than a reliougis facility that will enbrass the needs. How do you feel when you see all the help that you along can bring to any community? Here at BFAAC we are several communities that have come together to form a family. This is the reason why all the staff at BFAAC come to work daily to make a difference. Our family consist of the following cities that we serve in East Texas.

Longview, Easton, Kilgore, New Diana, LakePort, Ore City, Gilmer, Mims, Avinger, Victory Community, Jefferson, Hallsville, Dangerfield, Hughes Springs, Smith Co., & Harleton